Tours in Bavaria and Germany

Exciting tours in Bavaria and Germany

When vacation time comes, it is essential to think about so much. But, first, you must choose the country for your tourist trip. Germany is considered a popular tourist destination. In this country, there are a lot of unique places that everyone should see.

Today, tours to Germany are especially in demand, as they allow getting acquainted with famous sights personally and studying this country’s cultural heritage. Germany is renowned for the castles built throughout the country. They amaze its majesty and grace.

Why are tours in Germany so attractive?

Germany is one of the most ancient and beautiful countries in Europe. Scrupulous attitude to the improvement of cities, a wide variety of tourist sites associated with the rich past of this state – the main treasures of this country. Here come millions of travelers from different parts of the world to see grandiose monuments, beautiful nature, and picturesque places.

You can choose any tour to Germany. Someone likes urban sights, and someone – the aesthetics of the past eras. Some tourists visit this country to take pictures of the famous museums, sculptures, and cathedrals.

Excursion tours to Germany give an excellent opportunity to admire the palaces, and universities with a long history, visit exhibition centers, and get acquainted with the masterpieces of art. And also this is an excellent chance to view excellent museums, and go deeper into traditions and customs. Tour of Germany allows you to become a member of sports and music events.

What places deserve attention?

Germany is a big country, and you will need several tours to cover all the iconic cities in one trip. Trendy places are as follows:

  1. Berlin is a cheerful, lively, cozy European city where many visitors want to settle down thoroughly. Here is located the symbol of the country is the Brandenburg Gate. Worth attention is Berlin Cathedral, Charlottenburg Palace, and its park.
  2. Munich is another significant German city with a famous beer festival. Every autumn (between the end of September and the beginning of October) is an annual beer festival called Oktoberfest.
  3. Dresden is a picturesque town in Germany. Tourists can enjoy the characteristic baroque architecture and scenic location in the Elbe river valley.

Bavaria also deserves a visit, and the tour there will be remembered forever. Many rivers flow through the territory. You will also enjoy the famous Bavarian Alps, with many crystal clear lakes. You may choose different tours for calm or active recreation.

What to do in Bavaria?

Bavaria annually attracts connoisseurs of unique landscapes, comfortable conditions for recreation, cultural monuments, and natural wealth. There is something to do at any time of the year. An excursion tour to Germany provides an opportunity to recover and rejuvenate. The resorts and hydropathic baths are located on the territory of Bavaria from the Rhön to the Alps. Health zones are near thermal springs with healing water. You can go skiing if you have a vocation in winter. One of the famous ski resorts is in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

In addition, we offer tours of Bavaria by car. This way of travel will help to consider this region far and wide.