Group travel in Bavaria

Fun group trips in Bavaria

Bavaria is considered one of the most famous and exciting German regions, which boasts abundant attractions and entertainment. Crowds of tourists come here to see all the outstanding architecture, culture, and art monuments. Group trips are trendy. Travel in Bavaria. It is a popular form of recreation that gives lots of acquaintances and positive emotions from communicating with people. In addition, the package tour is much cheaper than if you go alone.

Why are group tours in Bavaria suitable?

When a person cannot find a company to fly to a new country, he often gets upset and loses his fuse. And vacation is no longer something exciting but turns into a burden. Just for that and there are group trips so that the tourist does not feel lonely, but could relax and enjoy the rest.

Group tours in Bavaria promise to bring new acquaintances and impressions and easier familiarization with the culture of the land of rest. Besides, they cost less than individual tours. Such a pastime is always fun and relaxed. There is always someone who can occasionally smooth things over and defuse the situation.

What to see?

Group programs often include sightseeing tours at the following places:

  1. Munich – group travel in Bavaria by car can cover a visit to Marienplatz, the central square, which is visited daily by several thousand people. You can admire the views of fantastic columns gilded statue of the Virgin Mary. There are also the New and Old Town Halls. If you are walking with family or friends, visit an English Garden with a charming lake with artificial waves and a green meadow where you can sunbathe is worth visiting.
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle – a mysterious chateau not far from Füssen, southwest Bavaria. After restoration in 2009, it looks more majestic and more elegant.  The castle catches the guests’ attention from the first seconds, once you see it. You can take a group trip to Bavaria by car to visit this place. It is enough to use a GPS navigator, and you will soon arrive at your destination.
  3. Oberammergau – this city is notable for its unique frescoes. Each house is painted skillfully and gets the attention of all the visitors – pictures with stories from the Bible and fascinating tales are on white facades. But it is not the only thing to see. Tourists love to visit the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the wood carving museum Pilatushaus, and the village museum of local art.
  4. Hopfensee is a beautiful place where you can taste delicious and a hearty lunch while admiring a stunning view of the warmest lake in the upper bavarian alps. After lunch, you can take a walk around the lake, take unforgettable pictures and breathe clean air.

Group tours in Bavaria by car are not limited to this. There are so many places to visit travelers. These are the ancient cities of Rottenburg, Nuremberg, Würzburg and Bamberg. They impress everyone with their beauty, landscapes, and majestic architecture. You can arrange a walk along the Parthnah Gorge. It may not look very safe, but together it makes it fun! Therefore, all tour participants will surely remember their time there!